Tamwed is a small registered charity based in South West England. For many years it has supported the work of the ISLAND Trust, an NGO working with tribal people living in remote villages in the Nilgiri Hills of South India.

The Nilgiris are situated in Tamil Nadu State which is facing a severe wave of Covid 19 infection that began in April this year. A major factor contributory factor is believed to be the recent State Assembly campaign and elections which resulted in political ambiguity and a lack of leadership to curb the spread of the virus. The new government declared a partial lockdown in early May which had little effect leading to 36,000 new infections and over 100 deaths each day. Realising the seriousness of the situation, a total lockdown was introduced from 24th May. This resulted in the closure of all shops and businesses including tea and coffee plantations with no employment or wages and no access to food and other vital day to day resources by tribal villagers. Efforts by the government to meet basic needs were only partially successful.

The Chief Minister convened an online consultation during which he requested NGOs to complement efforts of the State Government to help the most poor and needy communities in rural areas. The Nilgiris NGO Network has agreed to provide vegetables, fruit and hygiene items with the Government delivering basic food and other goods. The ISLAND Trust will initially support 150 families in remote tribal villages which form part of the Tamwed Tribal Futures project area. The more funds we can raise, the more deserving families can be helped over a longer period.

The ISLAND Trust CEO Alphonse Raj says: “During the lockdown, tribal people have no income and no access to markets and little garden produce due to the current summer season. Unless food is provided once or twice during the current lockdown, there is a real chance that people will starve or risk hunting for food in the forest which is illegal. Kindly help the most deserving tribal communities at this challenging time”.

Budget for 150 families for one distribution

1 – Vegetables and fruit: Rs 300 X 150 = Rs 45,000

2 – Packing and loading: Rs 15 X 150 = Rs 2,250

3 – Transport: Rs 40 X 150 = Rs 6,000

4 – PPE masks etc. Rs100 x 10 = Rs 1,000

5 – Total: Rs 54,250 = £530

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