We are very grateful to those who contributed to our Covid appeal during 2020. This has enabled food and other urgently needed provisions to be distributed by our project staff who have gone beyond the call of duty to provide health, housing and other support – sometimes life-saving. While there have been comparatively few deaths due to the epidemic in the Nilgiris, the livelihoods and welfare of those living in remote tribal villages continues to be severely affected. Access to health services has been difficult; public transport is limited; workers have been laid off; and the price of food has rocketed. During 2021 we will be concentrating on building resilience among the poorer villages in our project area so that communities can increase their self-sufficiency and ability to withstand crises such as the Covid epidemic and climate change. We have been unable to set up any fund-raising events during 2020 and are therefore desperate for funds to enable our colleagues to carry out a vitally important programme that will enable the poorest communities to become less reliant on outside support. Any contribution will be gratefully received and accounted for.

What was needed?

1 – Soaps – Bathing – 2 nos.

2 – Soaps – Washing – 2 nos.

3 – Sanitizers – Hand Sanitizers – 1 no.

4 – Cooking oil – 1 litre.

5 – Coconut oil – ¼ litre.

6 – Wheat Flour – 1 kg.

7 – Jaggery – 1 kg.

8 – Salt – 2 pkts

9 – Red Chilly – 250 grams

10 – Channa (chick peas), Green gram, Green Peas, Soya – @ ½ kg.

11 – Masala powders – 5 items @ 200 gms

12 – Mixed Vegetables – 3kgs.

13 – Biscuits – 5 packets

Approximate estimate for the above things per family is Rs.600/- only.

This region has 35 villages totalling 752 families.

All Donations are very welcome

Thanks for your help

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Thank you for your help, from all at Tamwed.