Our partner the ISLAND trust

The ISLAND Trust is a highly respected NGO that has been supporting communities in the Nilgiri Hills since 1984. Dedicated staff manage our Tribal Futures programme having built up an understanding with tribal people in the poorest villages. The Nilgiris are part of a Biosphere Reserve with protected flora and fauna which is recovering after many years of deforestation and development – much of it illegal.


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The ISLAND Trust

From the left: ISLAND Trust CEO Alphonse Raj who supervises Tribal Futures; Project Manager Kumar; Field Officer Thiruselvan and Accountant Mrs Sujithra at their base in Kotagiri. The ISLAND Trust manages a health project and hospital in nearby Ooty. Villages in our project area can be a two hour jeep drive and walk to reach.


A Monitoring and Advisory Group of those involved with the programme, including tribal people, meet regularly to review progress and plan ahead.

Covid-19 Appeal

During this Corona Pandemic hit period, Island Trust has been engaged in creating awareness among our target communities on prevention, protection, self and community care.


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