Fund-raising and Events

We are completely dependent on our supporters for the funding of our annual programme as many trusts and the UK government do not support projects in India as there is a perception that the country is now wealthy. However, nearly 70% of the Indian population lives on less than $2 a day. – over 30% on even less than $1.25 per day available and are considered extremely poor. This makes the Indian subcontinent one of the poorest countries in the world; women and children, the weakest members of Indian society, suffer most.

Nellie and Barry

Nellie and Barry busked in towns around Devon and Cornwall to raise funds for Tamwed and explain to people how their contributions would be spent. They raised enough to fund our Health Worker for six months.

South Indian breakfast

We organise a regular South Indian breakfast together with a meal and film to raise funds in Calstock, the village where our charity is based. These events give a chance for us to present our work and hear from those who have recently visited our projects.

Beth Teverson

Beth Teverson ran a London Marathon with her sponsorship funding important health work. We are always looking for ideas for fund-raising and impress on donors how all their contributions go to India as we have few running costs.