The Tamwed Committee

Below is a list of the Tamwed committee and contact information.

Jane Weatherby


Jane has been Chair of Tamwed since 2019 and has enjoyed building its camaraderie and fundraising capacity together with its dedicated committee members. A retired geography teacher, she enjoys adventure travel including long distance cycling and walking. Whilst teaching she instigated a school linking programme in Ghana and with her husband Ian has volunteered abroad. Meeting the Tamwed team in India was a highlight of 2019.

Oz Osborne


Oz is the Secretary of Tamwed and helped set up the organisation in 2005. He has family connections with India and has worked on community and environmental projects in the UK and overseas for many years. His professional work included evaluating projects and training NGOs in India and elsewhere for international donors and he applies this experience voluntarily for Tamwed. He is fascinated by the culture and history of tribal people and its relevance to modern ‘civilisation’. He has been a regular visitor to the Nilgiris and considers it a privilege to be able to help safeguard the future of those that benefit from Tamwed’s support.

Ian Richards


Ian has travelled extensively and been involved in numerous volunteering activities across the world. These include school linking projects in Ghana and Uganda, teaching in Ethiopia and Nepal and working with the refugee community in Plymouth and on the Greek island of Lesbos. This breadth of experience he brings to Tamwed’s committee and to the roll of Treasurer which he has held since 2010.

Alphonse Raj

CEO of the ISLAND Trust

Alphonse has been the CEO of the ISLAND Trust, Tamwed’s partner NGO, since 1995. He is very much hands-on and is committed to supporting tribal and other disadvantaged communities in the Nilgiris. He has been involved with Tamwed for over 10 years since he met ‘Mr Oz’ during one of his visits to India. He has overall responsibility for the delivery of Tribal Futures which includes supervising staff, preparing plans and budgets, writing reports and evaluating progress. Alphonse says: “My experience is very pleasant and cordial. The relationship is not just based on funding but much more on mutual trust, understanding, crisis response and resolution, capacity building, and handholding support. I have seen and interacted with many of the Committee members of TAMWED and everyone has been very professional and wonderful in their approach and encouragement of the staff of the project and co-workers. Funding has shrunk but not the bond”.


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Rosemary Teverson

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