Our Aims for 2023

Our budget for this year is £5,000.

A Project Co-ordinator, Field Worker, Community Health Worker and Food and Diets Worker will identify and support at least 10 Voluntary Community Animators. The project will be managed from the ISLAND Trust’s project base and meeting rooms in Kotagiri and its outlying field office/training centre. 

Specific targets for 2023

1 – An increase in government and other funding and support to add to the resources available at the outset of the programme; 

2 – Continue to raise awareness about COVID-19 and ensure safe practices among the community to prevent infection and provide relief assistance where and when necessary; 

3 – Raise awareness about and help to tackle inherent health Issues such as anaemia and link with Government health services to improve provision; 

4 – Organise land and other rights training while increasing the capacity of local democratically appointed leaders and maintaining constant liaison with government officials; 

5 – Develop, expand or improve organic kitchen gardens to increase capacity to grow a range of climate-resistant, culinary and medicinal plants for personal consumption and sale; 

6 – Campaign for and provide when possible drinking and irrigation facilities where most needed; 

7 – Support new micro-enterprises and add value to agricultural and forest products while continuing to train unemployed young men and women at the tailoring centre; 

8 – Educate and inform communities about the cause and impact of climate change and introduce climate adaptive agriculture through field tested methods and exposure.