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Linking communities in the UK and India

Our aim is to improve and sustain the quality of life and environment of tribal people in the Nilgiris Hills of South India.


Our Partner The Island Trust

Our partner organisation The Island Trust works closely with communities in a group of villages on a Tamwed-funded project to improve the health of tribal families; help them to tackle the effects of climate change; and promote their rights and their unique culture. We hope that we can prevent migration from their traditional homelands with the resources they and their children need for sustainable, productive lives.


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Climate Change in India

Covid-19 appeal

Thanks for your help

Covid-19 Appeal

We are very grateful to those who contributed to our Covid appeal during 2020. This has enabled food and other urgently needed provisions to be distributed by our project staff who have gone beyond the call of duty to provide health, housing and other support – sometimes life-saving…


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Thanks for your help

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Thank you for your help, from all at Tamwed.

Stickers are being put up that state that families will not allow their young girls to be married. The ISLAND Trust is part of a campaign to stop child marriage in villages. Alphonse tells us that this practice has increased among poor families during Covid lockdowns when schools are closed. Parents believe that marriage is better than the potential sexual abuse and violence suffered when children are sent out for employment to add to the family income. Alphonse says that child marriage has become prevalent among tribal communities. Our project staff are talking to parents and distributing the leaflets shown in the photos that have information about legal and health implications. There is great concern that the current wave of Covid will reach the Nilgiri villages which could be devastating.
Vegetable seeds are sorted and then distributed round our villages for individual or communal plots. Families are encouraged to become as self-sufficient for food as possible - as tribal people would have been not too long ago. Market prices have remained high since Covid and villagers are reluctant to travel to towns where there are Covid cases.
Thanks to Karen and everyone who donated cotton reels for the sewing and tailoring training centre. They will all be sent to India shortly.
Leadership training is an important part of this year's programme. Tribal leaders are advised on how to set up campaigns and formally represent their communities at government and other meetings.
Meenakshi our Health worker oversees another successful birth. This time, a month premature to mother Swathi from Kandipatti, an Irula tribal village.
Thanks to everyone who gave so generously to our Christmas appeal, many of them anonymously. Our colleagues in India have been doing more than delivering urgent supplies. Staff and volunteers, being tribal people, have a good relationship with villagers and help if they find families with desperate needs. The last photo is of a widowed woman found living with three children, all with health issues, in a one room hut with a leaking roof, no proper stove and little food. Another child was sleeping on the balcony of a nearby house. Our project staff were able to meet their immediate needs and are negotiating with the district authorities for a new house. Happy New Year to all our supporters and thanks.

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